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Innovation - Computer Science - 19.04.2023
The Wi-Fi of the future must achieve the highest levels of reliability to advance in the development of the metaverse
In the future, it will be essential that Wi-Fi networks do not suffer interruptions if they wish to contribute to the development of the metaverse or to the automation and robotization of industrial processes and even medical interventions.

Computer Science - Innovation - 30.03.2023
UPF is leading a European project to improve energy efficiency and savings by the media and audiovisual sector through artificial intelligence
The Emerald project is driven by an interdisciplinary consortium of seven European partners, coordinated by UPF and comprising Trinity College Dublin, the BBC and the following four technology providers: Brainstorm Multimedia, Disguise Systems, FilmLight GmbH, and MOG Technologies.

Innovation - Mechanical Engineering - 22.03.2023
UC3M participates in the Madrid es Ciencia Fair 2023
The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) is taking part in the 12th Madrid es Ciencia Fair on Friday 24th of March in Hall 5 of IFEMA.

Innovation - Life Sciences - 17.03.2023
New European research project, involving UPF, to investigate the effects of music on sleep
The European research project Lullabyte is driven by a consortium of 10 European universities and research centres, coordinated by the University of Dresden.

Innovation - Mechanical Engineering - 01.03.2023

Computer Science - Innovation - 27.02.2023

Environment - Innovation - 16.01.2023
YUFE European university alliance launches its 2023 Challenge Teams
The YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) alliance, which comprises 9 different universities from different European countries, including the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), has

Materials Science - Innovation - 29.11.2022
UC3M coordinates an international project on 3D printing in the transport and security industries
Scientists from the DIAGONAL project, coordinated by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) and made up of ten European and American universities and research centres, are developing a new generatio

Event - Innovation - 20.10.2022

Computer Science - Innovation - 27.09.2022

Campus - Innovation - 25.07.2022
The UB incorporates new infrastructures to reinforce its research
The UB incorporates new infrastructures to reinforce its research
The subsidy obtained for the purchase of this equipment amounts to 9,876,006.
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