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Computer Science - Innovation - 27.09.2022

Campus - Innovation - 25.07.2022
The UB incorporates new infrastructures to reinforce its research
The UB incorporates new infrastructures to reinforce its research
The subsidy obtained for the purchase of this equipment amounts to 9,876,006.

Innovation - Sport - 23.06.2022

Economics / Business - Innovation - 08.06.2022

Computer Science - Innovation - 30.05.2022
Telefónica and UC3M’s augmented reality project for the home, selected for AVI 2022
The augmented reality project for the home, developed by Telefónica and the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), has been selected to be presented at the AVI 2022 (International Conference on Adva

Innovation - Environment - 17.05.2022
The European Innovation Council supports E.T. PACK-Fly, a project to mitigate space debris
The E.T.PACK-Fly consortium, coordinated by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) and made up of the University of Padova, the Technical University of Dresden (TU Dresden), the Sp

Innovation - Electroengineering - 30.03.2022

Innovation - Economics / Business - 08.03.2022
The Internet of Things (IoT) applied to cities
UPF is leading a project dealing with mobility as a service (MaaS) to understand how to spread the word about the possibilities offered by the IoT to companies and businesses.

Computer Science - Innovation - 01.03.2022
UC3M participates in the Madrid es Ciencia Fair 2022
The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) will carry out scientific outreach activities at the 11th Madrid esCiencia Fair, which is being held in Hall 14 of IFEMA, as part of Education Week 2022.

Innovation - Campus - 22.02.2022
Ten innovative companies will represent UPF at the 4YFN trade show for entrepreneurs
The University's stand is exhibiting three R&D spin-offs and projects and seven startups in this event, organised as part of the Mobile World Congress.

Computer Science - Innovation - 09.02.2022

Social Sciences - Innovation - 07.02.2022
Does the use of social media affect adolescents’ welfare or is it the other way around?
The UPF researcher Isabel Rodríguez de Dios is to study the positive and negative effects of social media on adolescents through the YouthSM project, with the support of the -la Caixa- Foundation.

Innovation - 23.12.2021

Health - Innovation - 24.11.2021

Computer Science - Innovation - 24.11.2021
The spinoff Voctro Labs launches an app to help choir singers rehearse with the help of artificial voices
The program, called Cantamus, is able to read a score and automatically generate the voices of the entire choir to help performers practise The UPF spinoff Voctro Labs has launched a new app, named Cantamus , a tool for choir singers to rehearse.