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Health - Mar 13

Recerca La sarcopènia és una malaltia degenerativa caracteritzada per una disminució patològica de la força muscular que afecta especialment les persones de més edat. Investigadors de la Universitat de Barcelona han desenvolupat una nova eina per avaluar la presència i la gravetat d'aquesta insuficiència muscular.

Recerca Micromelo undatus , a small snail that inhabits shallow waters, is one of the five finalists in the Mollusc of the Yea r contest, an international competition in which scientific teams from all over the world compete with different proposals to sequence the genome of these invertebrates.

Campus - Mar 7

Acadèmic The University of Barcelona will be present from 15 to 19 March at the Education Fair, where it will have a newly designed stand, with a strong presence of interactive technologies to facilitate personalized support and counselling.

Campus - Mar 7

Institucional In its latest publication , the League of European Research Universities (LERU) discusses the doctorate, the gateway to a research career in universities. One of the aspects discussed in greater depth is the doctoral supervision, which is said to be "a holistic process that recognizes the needs and contributions of the doctoral candidate and the supervising academic".

Research Management - Mar 2

Institucional The League of European Research Universities (LERU) has issued the following statement on the UK's association with Horizon Europe: Today, the League of European Research Universities (LERU) is relieved and delighted to co-sign and to co-issue a positive statement on the association of the UK to Horizon Europe.

Environment - Mar 7

Acadèmic The University of Barcelona will offer, during the 2023-2024 academic year, a degree in Geography and Global Change, a pioneering degree in Catalonia and Spain to train professionals who will contribute to building a more sustainable future.

Health - Mar 7

Recerca Space travel has always tested the human body by the effects of the new conditions of altered gravity on biological systems.

Health - Mar 3

Recerca Bones remain healthy thanks to the fact that they are in continuous remodelling, a process that is given by the balance between the activity of osteoblasts —cells that create bone tissue— and the osteoclasts, which reabsorb it.

Recerca Are food additives toxic? Is eating fruit at the end of a meal fattening? Are ecological eggs safer and healthier than those conventionally produced? Does coconut oil reduce cholesterol? In the field of nutrition and food, finding out the veracity of a potentially misleading piece of news is not easy.

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