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Media - 27.03.2023
A study by the UPF and the UOC shows that the physical appearance of video game characters affects girls’ body image dissatisfaction
What impact does watching television or playing video games have on body image satisfaction? Does the physical appearance of the characters in series, films and video games have any effect on the self

Media - 28.09.2022
Almost 60% of secondary school students in public schools identify fake news
More than half of Spain's Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO, in its Spanish acronym) students can distinguish between fake and real news.

Media - 20.05.2022
Els blogs de Mètode: A new outreach portal
The Mètode magazine of the Universitat de València opened its portal -Els blogs de Mètode-, a new science outreach space.

Economics - Media - 10.03.2022
A study analyses the cost-free culture in the consumption of digital journalistic information in Spain
An investigation by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) analyses the low willingness of citizens to pay for the consumption of journalistic information on the Internet and the industry's inability to monetise digital content.

Media - 17.12.2021
A study analyses Netflix original content in Spain
The "Originals" category on Netflix Spain mainly consists of American productions, with some titles from other countries and few Spanish productions.

Media - Politics - 08.04.2021
Press reporting on nuclear waste disposal in Finland and France: national models of watchdog journalism?
Could "watchdog journalism" backfire in societies characterised by high levels of trust? asks Markku Lehtonen, researcher at the Department of Humanities at the UPF and the lead author of the article.

Media - 02.03.2021
Research analyses misinformation and media coverage during COVID-19
Media coverage of COVID during the first few months of the pandemic was relatively positive according to several international studies, notes a researcher from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), who has published a paper analysing misinformation processes in the public sphere and the informative ecosystem during the COVID-19 pandemic.