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Psychology - Computer Science - 14.12.2021
Voice assistants could be used for life coaching
Researchers from UPF and the UAB have developed a conversational agent for life coaching with very positive results. Life coaching is a process in which a life coach helps a person to identify and achieve the most important goals for them personally and professionally. The idea is to provide the person with tools and show them attitudes that allow them to take control of their decision and make it a reality.

Health - Computer Science - 01.12.2021
A new system for analysing thoracic CT scans with deep learning enables COVID-19 lesion detection
A new system for analysing thoracic CT scans with deep learning enables COVID-19 lesion detection
A new automated system that involves deep learning technology enables the detection of COVID-19 lesion via the analysis of a computed tomography (CT) scan. This system, described in a study published in the journal Computers in Biology and Medicine, has been carried out by researchers of the UB, the EURECAT Technology Centre of Catalonia, and the Computing Vision Center (CVC).

Computer Science - Life Sciences - 14.10.2021
Deep-learning-based image analysis is now just a click away
Researchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), the Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Gregorio Marańón (IiSGM), and collaborators in Switzerland and Sweden, have developed a tool, called deepImageJ. The tools processes and analyses using models based on artificial intelligence biomedical images (for example, acquired with microscopes or radiological scanners), improving their quality or identifying and classifying specific elements in them, among other tasks.

Computer Science - 01.07.2021
A new framework to improve the performance and flexibility of supercomputing
Researchers from the European research project ASPIDE, coordinated by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), have created a tool and utility pack for high-performance software developers to improve performance and flexibility when creating applications within the supercomputing industry. As a result, they have accelerated massive data processing in mobile telephony industries, the diagnosis of mental illnesses and the detection of parasites in beehives, among other fields.

Health - Computer Science - 05.05.2021
Artificial intelligence identifies the tiger mosquito from the photos received in the Mosquito Alert app
Artificial intelligence, combined with citizen science, will provide real-time detection of the tiger mosquito on a large scale and, as a result, will allow faster control of this disease transmitter. The deep learning algorithm that has been trained with more than 7,000 anonymous photographs received in the Mosquito Alert app between 2015 and 2019, is able to correctly identify 96% of tiger mosquito photographs.

Computer Science - Mathematics - 10.03.2021
Future virtual fitting rooms
Future virtual fitting rooms
Recerca A team of the University of Barcelona and the Computer Vision Center ( CVC ) have carried out CLOTH3D, the first 3D synthetic dataset at a large scale aimed at the development of deep learning to simulate clothes on different body types.