Life Sciences - Feb 29
Life Sciences

A study published in Nature, with notable participation from the University of Valencia, has identified a new migratory route of young neurons in the human infant brain. This migratory pathway extends from the lateral ventricle, where these cells are born, to the entorhinal cortex, an area interconnected with the regions where memory and learning are consolidated. There, these neurons remain dormant in a immature state, awaiting for signals that induce them to mature providing plasticity to the human brain. This migration route begins in the middle of gestation and continues until the child is two or three years old.

Sport - Feb 26

Researchers from the Universitat de València and the Catholic University of Valencia have demonstrated a change of mentality towards gender stereotypes in sport in young men.

Computer Science

UPM and UC3M scientists develop a high-precision router. Your next router will know where you're sitting.

Physics - Feb 26

A team at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) has developed a tunable light source that can emit single photons in the terahertz (THz) regime.

Environment - Feb 19

Jaume Pla and Javier Esparcia, researchers from the University of Valencia (UV), have analysed rural depopulation in the Valencian press between 1996

Selected Job Offers
Life Sciences - 01.03
Predoctoral Research Assistant for the Transformation and Metastasis Group ( AIPRETM11) National Center for Oncological Research, Madrid
Astronomy/Space - 01.03
Postdoctoral Position at the University of Seville (Spain) Spanish Astronomy Society (SEA), Barcelona
Innovation - 28.02
TRANSACEBS- técnico laboratorio I+D - 2024 Politechnic University of Madrid
Innovation - 28.02
Investigador predoctoral - 2024 Politechnic University of Madrid
Astronomy/Space - 26.02
One Postdoctoral Contract BCYCLES 2024 (PS-2024-004) Spanish Astronomy Society (SEA), Barcelona
Investigador doctor junior r2 - 2024 Politechnic University of Madrid
Investigador Junior - 2024 Politechnic University of Madrid