Working conditions in Spain

Working conditions in Spain

Working conditions

  • Working hours in Spain may not exceed 40 hours per week.
  • Vacations: A minimum of 30 calendar days per year.
  • There are eight national holidays in Spain: January 6, May 1, May 1, August 15, October 12, November 1, December 6, December 8 and December 25. There are also another four days a year chosen by the Autonomous Communities, and another two of a local nature.
  • Overtime can be paid or compensated by rest days (if agreed or contemplated in the collective labor agreement).
  • For wages, see the wages page.
  • In the contract, it is necessary that it contains at least: The start date and its duration if it is temporary, the functions, the duration and distribution of the working day, as well as the salary, vacations and the collective agreement that is applicable.

Residence Permit

Here you will find information about residence permits according to your nationality.


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  • The two main trade unions in Spain are UGT and CCOO.
  • EURES is the European Union’s cooperation network for employment and free movement of workers.
  • The Ministry of Migration is the state web site with information and conditions to work in Spain.
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