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The genomes of 233 primate species reveal key features of primate evolution, human disease and biodiversity conservation. The Institute of Evolutionary Biology (IBE, CSIC-UPF), Pompeu Fabra University, Illumina, and Baylor College of Medicine have co-led a series of major new studies that will be published in special issue of the journal Science.

Life Sciences - May 11

Study on the evolution of Brontotheres lead by UV palaeontologist Éscar Sanisidro published in the journal -Science-. Palaeontology specialists lead by University of Valencia investigator Éscar Sanisidro publish a study in the -Science- journal on the body size of Brontotheres, a mammal family that went extinct 53 million years ago.

Environment - May 25

The University of Valencia and the Andean Condor Foundation (Quito, Ecuador) will work together to improve the conservation of biodiversity in Ecuador, a country where almost 40% of vertebrate species are in some category of threat. Both organizations have signed a strategic collaboration agreement that seeks to optimize efforts for the management of natural resources in the Andean country.

Health - May 10

An international study coordinated by the MELIS-UPF researchers Andreas Meyerhans and Juana Díez has identified Schlafen 12, a new HIV restriction factor that could pave the way for new strategies for curing the infection.

The Neurobiology of Sensory Systems group at the MELIS-UPF will train one of its doctoral candidates contributing their expertise in human inner ear organoids and genetic alterations causing vestibular disorders.

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Life Sciences - 17.05
Head of the DNA Sequencing Platform of the Health 2030 Genome Center Health 2030 Genome Center, Genève
Agronomy/Food Science - 10.05
PhD Position in Sustainable Pig Production Agroscope, Posieux
Computer Science - 02.06
Advanced Degree for the Bioinformatics Unit ( TSBIOINF24) National Center for Oncological Research, Madrid
Health - 02.06
Staff Scientist for the Transformation and Metastasis Group ( SSTM3) National Center for Oncological Research, Madrid
Life Sciences - 02.06
Director of the Cancer Genomics Programme at the CNIO ( DIRCGP23) National Center for Oncological Research, Madrid
Life Sciences - 02.06
Junior Group Leader for the Structural Biology Programme ( JGLSBP23) National Center for Oncological Research, Madrid
Life Sciences - 26.05
Predoctoral Research Assistant for the Metabolism and Cell Signaling Group ( AIPREMCS10) National Center for Oncological Research, Madrid
Life Sciences - 24.05
Técnico de Laboratorio para la Unidad de Edición Genómica en Ratón ( PESTTECEGR22II) National Center for Oncological Research, Madrid