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Psychology - Computer Science - 14.12.2021
Voice assistants could be used for life coaching
Researchers from UPF and the UAB have developed a conversational agent for life coaching with very positive results. Life coaching is a process in which a life coach helps a person to identify and achieve the most important goals for them personally and professionally. The idea is to provide the person with tools and show them attitudes that allow them to take control of their decision and make it a reality.

Life Sciences - Psychology - 26.04.2021
Can a newborn's brain discriminate speech sounds?
Can a newborn’s brain discriminate speech sounds?
People's ability to perceive speech sounds has been deeply studied, specially during someone's first year of life, but what happens during the first hours after birth? Are babies born with innate abilities to perceive speech sounds, or do neural encoding processes need to age for some time? Researchers from the Institute of Neurosciences of the UB ( UBNeuro ) and the Sant Joan de Déu Research Institute (IRSJD) have created a new methodology to try to answer this basic question on human development.