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Experts analyse how school hours affect students’ health and learning

Experts from different countries will meet at the Universitat de València on 11 and 12 June to analyse the organisation of school schedules and the effects on health, learning, time use and satisfaction. The initiative is promoted by the Research Group on School Health and Well-being (GISBE). The lectures will be both on-site and online.

Polibienestar launches a new assessment tool for chronic patients in Europe

The Research Institute on Social Welfare Policy (Polibienestar) of the Universitat de València has presented the results of the European project InAdvance, which aims to improve the quality of life of patients with complex chronic non-oncological diseases. The project has created the new NAT: PD tool to assess evaluate and manage the needs of patients with multimorbidity and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), among other chronic diseases, as well as the needs of their carers.

Teacher mobbing increases alcohol, tobacco and medication consumption

Research from the Universitat de València has shown that mobbing in the workplace increases alcohol intake, smoking, the use of medication as a consequence of psychological or psychosomatic disorders, and the need to seek specialist support to overcome some work-related personal crisis.

UC3M gets Fundación BBVA research project to analyse the relationship between friendship and culture

The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) is coordinating one of the five BBVA Foundation's Fundamentals Programme's innovative research projects to explore core issues in basic science.

Psychological harassment of teachers at work increases their consumption of alcohol, tobacco and medication

A study by the University of Valencia (UV) has shown that psychological harassment at work increases the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, the use of medication due to psychological or psychosomatic health issues and the need to seek specialist support to overcome work-related personal crises. The study, involving nearly 10,000 primary and secondary school teachers in the Valencian Community, has been published in the Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology.

UC3M coordinates an EU-funded network to promote research on radical polarisation

The European Union (EU) is funding a network of international collaborative research projects (a COST action) to address the growing phenomenon of radical polarisation and, at the same time, to strengthen democratic values and civil discourse in Europe.

A UC3M study points out the changes needed to achieve an inclusive care model based on human rights

In order to achieve a personalised and community-based care model for certain vulnerable population groups (people with disabilities, the elderly, children and adolescents at risk and homeless people), it is necessary to make

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