Health - Apr 20
So demonstrates research resulting from the final year project on the bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering by Sergi Coderch, supervised by Ana González Suárez and Oscar Camara, researchers with the PhySense research group at the BCN MedTech Research Unit.
History - Apr 15

The project, called LandCover6k, offers a new classification system that the researchers hope will improve predications about the planet's future and fill in gaps about its past. .Published in PLOS ONE , the study includes the participation of researchers from the universities of Pennsylvania, Pompeu Fabra and Glasgow, including Marco Madella, ICREA research professor of the Department of Humanities at UPF, who is one of the project leaders.

Health - Apr 14

A collaboration between Catalan and American researchers has resulted in the largest public databank known to date on data about gene expression and colonic genetic variants.

Selected Job Offers
Health - 19.04
Postdoctoral Fellow for Molecular Modeling and Bioinformatic Group (PD/21/09) Institute for Research in Biomedicine Barcelona
Economics/Business - 16.04
Profesor Universitario Economía Fianciera y Contabilidad Universidad Loyola, Córdoba
Economics/Business - 16.04
Profesor Universitario RRHH y Marketing Universidad Loyola, Córdoba
Social Sciences - 15.04
Profesor Universitario Psicología Social Universidad Loyola, Córdoba
Psychology - 15.04
Profesor Universitario Psicología Clínica Universidad Loyola, Córdoba
Psychology - 15.04
Profesor Universitario Psicología Básica Universidad Loyola, Córdoba
Philosophy - 15.04
Profesor Universitario Filosofía Universidad Loyola, Córdoba
Life Sciences - 15.04
Postdoctoral Fellow for the Genome Data Science lab Institute for Research in Biomedicine Barcelona
Life Sciences - 15.04
Técnico de Laboratorio para la Unidad de Investigación Clínica de Cáncer de Próstata ( TECCP16) National Center for Oncological Research, Madrid
Chemistry - 09.04
Investigador de apoyo para el laboratorio de Proteómica Cardiovascular Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares, Madrid
Employers of the Week
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