Opening of the game room of the Faculty of Education

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The Faculty of Education opened its game room, a unique and pioneer space in Europe, launched together by the Faculty of Education and the Game Laboratory association. It has almost six hundred modern boardgames and room for sixty people. This place is located on the fourth floor of the Migdia I building of the Faculty of Education and it is open to all the university community.

Among the attendants in the event were the rector of the University of Barcelona, Joan Guàrdia, and the dean of the Faculty of Education, Roser Boix, as well as members of the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Education and lecturer Àlex Caramé, coordinator of this space.

There is a growing interest in active methodologies that lead to a significant learning, such as the case of game-based learning (GBL). The game room offers new games and all the educational possibilities available. To complete these two fields, there are sessions aimed at the students and teaching staff of the Faculty of Education to show the playful strategies that can be used as a support for the educational tasks. The functioning of this room can be divided into four action fields: free game space; GBL training; resource centre of GBL, and research space on GBL and boardgames.

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