University Student Information and Guidance Services: new technologies to attend to diversity

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The rector of the UB, Joan Guārdia, presided over the opening of the sessions.

The rector of the UB, Joan Guārdia, presided over the opening of the sessions.


More than thirty Spanish universities are gathering in the UB, from yesterday and until Friday, to take part in the meeting for the University Student Information and Guidance Services (SIOU). This time, the meeting, which is held in a different place every year, focuses on diversity and the mechanisms to better respond to the needs of the students, who are becoming more heterogeneous. The conferences and roundtables will focus on the SIOU challenges regarding the student services, going through the application of artificial intelligence and neuroscience techniques.

"The reality of the university, just like society’s, is becoming more complex. Phenomena such as globalization, migration or the strengthening of inclusive policies, as well as the growing richness on identity diversity of our students make clear that the current students are away from being homogeneous", notes the vice-rector for Students and Participation of the UB, Marta Ferrer. The meeting in Barcelona has to help the information and guidance services from the different universities to share ideas and unify criteria on how to attend to this diversity.

"The diversity and variability of profiles requires well defined systems of contact with the students, they have to offer information, counselling and services according to the interests, needs and specific characteristics of each student", notes Marta Ferrer. Precisely, the opening conference of the meeting, given by David Bueno, lecturer at the Faculty of Biology, is titled "Assessorar des de la incertesa i la diversitat: propostes de la neuroeducaciķ" (giving advice from uncertainty and diversity: neuroeducation proposals). The rector of the UB, Joan Guārdia, presides over the opening of the sessions, which include activities of exchange of experiences among different universities and roundtables with students, for instance.

The meeting will also present the task carried out by the Student Support Services (SAE) of the UB, formed by the sections of Information and Documentation; Future Students; Integration; UB Employment, and Academic Counselling. These services help the students during their academic life, starting before they enter the university and continuing after they finish the studies, with guidance regarding employment. At the moment, the UB is working to improve the task at SAE through artificial intelligence algorithms that provide with a proactive and customized support, and it is highlighting the search for more dynamic communication ways that are closer to the students.

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