University entrance examinations at the UB


From 14 to 16 June, 2022, more than 11,000 students will take the university entrance examinations at the University of Barcelona. The UB will have a total of 53 examination panels, located in the following centres: Law (7), Economics and Business, building 690 (7), Economics and Business, building 696 (6), Physics (3), Chemistry (4), Earth Sciences (1), Biology (6), Pharmacy and Food Sciences (5), Philosophy and Geography and History (4), Psychology (4), and Philology and Communication (3). Three examination panels have been set up at the University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia.

The examinations are divided into two phases: the general phase, which is mandatory and consists of a series of five exams, and the specific phase, which is optional for any student profile. In the general phase, the students take an exam of four common subjects (Catalan language and literature, Spanish language and literature, third language —English, French, Italian or German—, and History) and a subject to choose from Latin, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics to Social Sciences, and Arts. In the specific phase, which can be taken by both students from upper secondary school and those from the advanced training programmes, the students can take exams of up to three subjects. Once the grades are weighted, with the two top grades, obtained in subjects linked to the studies they want to course, the admission mark —which can reach 14 points—is calculated.

The students can consult the results of the exams on the Internet after 29 June entering the portal Accesnet , from the Catalan Government.