Universitat de València research group wins communication award in Sport Sciences

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Winners at the award ceremony
Winners at the award ceremony

The Prevention and Health in Exercise and Sport (PHES) research group of the Universitat de València won an award for the best scientific communication in the field of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences The award was presented by the Spanish Association of Sport Sciences during an international conference this June at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

The PHES group is lead by Juan Carlos Colado, professor of Physical Education and Sports and world expert in variable resistance training. Colado gave a presentation titled ’Repeticiones y velocidad media propulsiva en el press de hombro con prendas con tecnología elastomérica versus placebo’ (’Repetitions and average propulsive speed of shoulder press with elastomeric technology garments versus placebo’). His work demonstrated how a sports garment for the upper arm, weighing less than 500 grams and with an innovative elastomeric wrap-around technology like a second skin, can facilitate the same number of repetitions and speed while applying a greater external resistance, thus guaranteeing optimal neuromuscular stimulation.

As Javier Gene, professor at the Universitat de València, pointed out during the presentation, these garments with elastomeric technology are very versatile and useful and, in addition to being easily transportable and storable, will likely generate new and varied uses when applied to the world of physical exercise and sport. He emphasised that this initial evidence will surely open the doors for future research into the many benefits and uses of this type of sports garment.