UC3M obtains funding for 8 projects of the UNICO-5G R&D programme for the development of 6G technology

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The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) has received 20.6 million in funding from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation and the European Union-NextGenerationEU/PRTR as part of the UNICO-5G R&D Programme, for the development of eight innovative projects in the deployment of advanced 5G and 6G technologies. The aim of this programme is to consolidate Spain as one of the leading countries in the implementation of these technologies.

The selected research projects are in the areas of Telematics Engineering and Electronic Technology. The first of these is entitled "Creating an ecosystem for research and development of massive digital twins on the hyper-distributed network edge for B5G/6G networks". Among its main activities are the design of a system architecture for the massive digital interconnection of environments and complete objects, as well as the development of a new distributed network edge concept.

Another project is "Building an ecosystem for research and development in non-terrestrial networks (satellite and HAP) and B5G (3GPP rel. 17 and later)". Its objectives include the development of a proposal for the architectural integration of NTN (Non terrestrial networks) with 3GPP R17.

The third selected project, "Data-driven Next Generation Networks (B5G and 6G) for Sustainable Manufacturing and Emergency Response," focuses on designing a system architecture that evolves and enriches current 5G systems to support manufacturing industries, making them more sustainable and benefiting from the massive use of data, as well as emergency systems.

The "New technologies for the sustainable development of 6G in extreme environments" project, will investigate the use of highly innovative technologies to increase the range and 6G networks sustainably in terms of their environmental impact and cost in extreme circumstances, either due to difficult access, aggressiveness of the environment, time requirements or level of protection of the natural environment.

On the other hand, one of the objectives of the "Sustainable orchestration of vRAN, UAV and 6G surfaces" project is the design of an architecture for the sustainable orchestration of radio access networks (RAN).

The sixth project, "Preserving the privacy of multi-tenant networks", aims to create a set of appropriate tools for exchanging data between parties in a multi-stakeholder scenario.

The "Cloud Native Network Functions for 6G" project will create a new infrastructure ecosystem to efficiently support the new software paradigm, as well as the design of new virtual network functions that benefit from this ecosystem.

Finally, a project to promote Telecommunications Engineering studies has received funding, entitled "Activities for promoting Telecommunications studies and attracting talent, both nationally and internationally".

These projects are funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation and the European Union NextGenerationEU/PRTR.

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