UC3M holds the 2023 Innovation Forum

The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) held the 2023 Innovation Forum with the aim of raising awareness of the instruments and agents that drive and accelerate innovation and promote the transfer of knowledge from the University to society.

The day began with a welcome ceremony by the UC3M Rector Éngel Arias; the Deputy Minister of Universities, Research and Communication Science of Madrid, Ana Ramírez; the Delegate for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the Madrid City Council, Éngel Niño; and the President of the COTEC Foundation for Innovation, Cristina Garmendia.

At the forum, there was a presentation on "Measuring innovation: new approaches to an old problem", led by Cristina Garmendia. The round table "Instruments to accelerate innovation" was then held, which discussed national, regional and local transfer programmes, as well as private capital investment. This was led by the General Director of Research and Technological Innovation of the Community of Madrid, and was attended by representatives from different organisations.

During the event there was also an exhibition with different proofs of concept and demonstrators developed at UC3M.

The event ended with the presentation of two R&D&I Challenges: "Disruption in Cultural Industries" and "Metaverse, science or fiction?". For this purpose, a panel of representatives of companies and agents of the R&D&I ecosystem took part in the event.