UC3M and Indra create a Chair in Radio Frequency Technologies

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The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) and the Spanish multinational Indra have launched a chair to promote research in the areas of radio frequency, electromagnetism, microwaves, antennas and radar.

The Indra-UC3M Chair in Radio Frequency Technologies aims to carry out scientific research, development and technological innovation projects and programmes; as well as to disseminate research results and organise activities related to the promotion and dissemination of scientific culture and technological advances.

As part of this chair, UC3M and INDRA's Radio Frequency, Electromagnetism, Microwaves and Antennas research group (GREMA in its Spanish acronym) aims to develop, totally or partially, the following lines of work: advanced technologies for components integrated in microwave and millimetre-wave bands; electromagnetic systems modelling for the creation of so-called "digital twins"; design and development of active antennas in microwave bands, antenna arrays and antenna measurement planning and strategies; study of disruptive systems and technologies, with emphasis on the development and integration of transmitters and receivers in radar and communications systems (radars and quantum sensors); development of antennas and satellite communications systems, quantum communication systems and photonic and radio integration technologies.

"The innovations provided by this chair are linked to the development of innovative technologies such as 6G, satellite, defence and quantum computing technologies, taking into account the sustainability aspects which are currently required", says the head of the chair, Daniel Segovia, Professor of the UC3M Department of Signal Theory and Communications.

The University will contribute to the development of these activities by providing teaching and research staff, as well as the scientific-technical and administrative infrastructure. In turn, Indra will provide the technical and documentary support that is needed.