UB professors Enoch Albertí, Laura Díez Bueso and Eduard Roig and Francesc Esteve, new members of the Council of Statutory Guarantees of Catalonia

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Enoch Albertí.
Enoch Albertí.

The Catalan Parliament has named members of the Council of Statuory Guarantees the lecturers of Constitutional Law of the UB Enoch Albertí, Laura Díez Bueso and Eduard Roig, and the lecturer of Administrative Law Francesc Esteve.

Professor Enoch Albertí is the director of the Group of Constitutional and European Studies. He has held several positions at the UB, such as dean of the Faculty of Law from 2008 to 2016.

Among his research lines are territorial organization of the State, European integration, multi-level law systems and the system of law and fundamental freedooms. Professor Laura Díez is now the director-general of Constitutional Affairs and Legal Coordination in the Ministry of Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory. Among her research lines are the structure of decentralized states, freedom of expression, right to information and university and research systems. Lecturer Eduard Roig held several positions in the Spanish Government and the House of Representatives, and his research lines include the main territorial organization of Spain and the European integration, specially the participation of the autonomous communities in the European Union. The lecturer Francesc Esteve has held positions such as director of the Legal Office of the Catalan Government. At the moment he is doing research on the jurisdictional conflict between public administrations and the mediation and other conflict resolution ways in this field.

At the moment, Joan Vintró, UB professor of Constitutional Law is a member of the Council of Statutory Guarantees.

The Council of Statutory Guarantees of Catalonia is the institution of the Catalan Government that looks after the adaptation to the Statute and the Constitution of rules with the law rank of the Catalan Government and Parliament. Also, it has to identify, before the presentation of the corresponding resources, the potential grounds of unconstitutionality and conflict of powers that may affect Catalan self-government or local autonomy as a result of the regulations of state origin.