Two rankings confirm the leadership of the University of Valencia in Spain in the areas of Economy, Commerce and Business

Building of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia, on the right
Building of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia, on the right of de image. Photo: Miguel Lorenzo.
The University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) by fields of knowledge, which classifies universities according to academic results based on the quality and quantity of academic publications, has ranked the University of Valencia in first place in Spain in Business (world position 95); Trade, Management, Tourism and Services (126); and in Economics (140th place internationally). In addition, the recent update of the National Taiwan University Ranking (NTU), on the performance of scientific publications and citations, also considers the University of Valencia as the first in the state in the area of Economics and Business, and in the world position 151.

In the URAP, the academic institution - which on a Valencian scale leads 36 of the 49 fields of knowledge - also stands out on a Spanish scale in the areas of Food Engineering (second position) and in eight more it is the third at the state level. They are Environmental Sciences, Education, Environmental Engineering, Dentistry, Psychology, Environmental or Labour Public Health, Sociology and Zoology. In two other areas, Food Engineering (40) and History (97), the University of Valencia is among the top hundred in the world.

The NTU ranking classifies the institutions in six fields of knowledge and in 24 subjects. By field, the Valencian centre is in the first five positions at the state level and stands out especially in Natural Sciences (second position) and Agriculture and Social Sciences, in third place in both cases. By subjects, it is first in the Spanish classification, in addition to Economics and Business, in Geosciences; second in Agricultural Sciences and Physics; and third in Chemistry, Environment/Ecology and Environmental Sciences and Engineering.

URAP ranking by fields :

NTU ranking by fields and subjects :