The University of Valencia and Labora present two reports on the situation of teleworking and employment on digital platforms

José María Peiró (left) and Adrián Todolí (right).
José María Peiró (left) and Adrián Todolí (right).
The University of Valencia (UV) and the Servei Valencià d’Ocupació i Formació Labora present this Friday, January 27 at 12 noon in the assembly hall of the labour organisation the second edition of the report on employability on digital platforms; and another on the perception of teleworking in the Valencian Community. Both investigations have been directed by the professor of Labour Law and Social Security at the UV Adrián Todolí and by the full professor of Social Psychology at the UV and emeritus professor José María Peiró.

The studies will be presented by Rosa Donat, vice-rector for Innovation and Transfer of the University of Valencia; and Enric Nomdedéu, regional secretary for Employment and general director of LABORA. The objective of the reports is to quantify the number of people who work on digital platforms and those who do so teleworking, analyse their profile, their conditions and propose recommendations so that public bodies can better face the challenges posed by these new types of employment.

On the one hand, regarding work on digital platforms, Adrián Todolí has stated that in the last year "the number of workers on digital platforms has increased by 10% in the Valencian Community, which confirms that this phenomenon does not stop growing. This generates job opportunities, but the data also indicates that 50% of platform workers earn less than eight euros an hour of work, that is, they are below the interprofessional minimum wage".

On the other hand, regarding teleworking, Todolí has pointed out that great satisfaction on the part of the workers has been detected. "However - continues the expert - there are also some risks and problems such as the lack of digital disconnection, for which reason there is still a lack of adaptation to the recently approved teleworking law".

For this reason, Adrián Todolí considers these two reports important to gain a good understanding of both phenomena and to try to improve the conditions of those who work on digital platforms and those who telework.