The University presents the Scientific Production Portal of the institution, in the framework of open science

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Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
The University introduces this Tuesday, 24 October the new Scientific Production Portal as part of the conference devoted to Open Access and to different projects that are conducted in relation to Open Science in the academic institutions. The presentation will start at 12:00 in the Aula Magna (assembly hall) of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.

The conference will be opened by the University’s Principal, Mavi Mestre, and the Vice-Principal of Research, Carlos Hermenegildo.

The Scientific Production Portal will provide all the scientific output of UV’s PDI (teaching and research staff) in a thorough and systematized manner. It will also offer the possibility of adding complete texts and datasets, among others, which makes this new tool an open and transparent portal, in the line of Open Science.

The sources from which the information comes from are Dialnet, Web of Science and Scopus, alongside with University’s databases related to research projects, patents and other