The University of Valencia awards the prizes of the Physics Olympiad in its local phase

Awarded students and their teachers with de jury, at the Faculty of Physics of t
Awarded students and their teachers with de jury, at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Valencia.
The awards ceremony for the local phase of the XXXV Physics Olympiad took place today, Thursday, February 29, in the Lise Meitner degree hall of the Faculty of Physics. Carlos Calderón Alba (CE Mas Camarena of Paterna) and Luis David Minuesa Figueras (IES Faustí Barberà of Alaquàs), have qualified the first, while Olaf Imiolek (C. El Plantío Int. School of Paterna) and Alberto Carpano Atienza (IES Joan Fuster de Sueca) has been in the second place. As a substitutes will go Éngel García Andreu (IES Vicent Andrés Estellés of Burjassot) and Ana Maset Sola (CE Gençana de Godella).

The Physics Olympiad is an international competition in which students from many countries participate and which is organised by the Real Spanish Physics Society (RSEF) in its national phase. The University of Valencia - through the Faculty of Physics and the Delegation for Incorporation into the University -as well as the Polytechnic University of Valencia, are in charge of the local phase of the competition, which took place on Thursday, February 22 and consisted of a written test of Physics problems and exercises.

Baccalaureate students who take part in this test are eligible for local prizes, which include, among others, 1,000 euros if they enrol in the next year at the University of Valencia. And, in addition, the first four classifieds can go the national phase (Granada, April 4-7), in addition to the Ibero-American (Mexico) and European Olympics, in Kutaisi (Georgia), from the July 15 to 19, 2024.

All the 25 pre-selected out of the 127 participants in the preliminary test held last October received a 74-hour physics course taught by teachers from the two universities and yesterday they participated in the award ceremony, both to the pre-selected as those classified in the local test of the competition.

The awards were presented by the vice-rector of Undergraduate Studies and Linguistic Policy at the UV, Isabel Vázquez; the vice-rector of Students and Entrepreneurship of the UPV, Alberto ConejeroCasares; the Dean of the Faculty of Physics, Jordi Vidal Perona; and the president of the Local Section of the Real Spanish Society of Physics (RSEF), Mariam Tórtola. Also present was the Local Committee organising the Physics Olympiad of the University District of Valencia, formed by Chantal Ferrer and Mª Jesùs Hernández (UVEG) and Juan Carlos Carrión (UPV), as well as a representative of the teaching staff who taught the course.

In addition to the six prizes for the classified students (four students move on to the national phase, plus two substitutes), the six will now receive a 12-hour experimental course in the laboratories of the Faculty of Physics.

Helio Escrig Pérez, Clemencio Calvo Gallergo, José Ramón Martínez Fierro, Eva María Pérez Gómez, Maria Empar Navarro i Gil and Maria Luisa García Baños are the teachers of awarded students.

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