The University of Experience recovers face-to-face lessons and opens the enrolment for its training programs


The enrolment for the University of Experience (UdE) for the 2021/2022 academic year is open. From today, June 14, on, the students of previous courses can enrole the second and extension courses. From June 28 on, the general public will be able to enrol first-year courses. This year counts on face-to-face lessons for all courses and the re-incorporation of the program on Personal and Social Wellbeing. It will also feature the second course of the program on Humanities. Also, the offering of complementary activities has been extended to respond to many interests.

Learning for pleasure

People aged over fifty-five who wish to enrol any of the training programs in UdE can do so on the website. There are fifty vacant places for each course; if there are more than fifty pre-enrolments, their allocation will be decided by draw.

All programs of the University of Experience provide a high-level training in the different fields of knowledge and most follow a blended-learning model, sharing the room with students of bachelors’ degrees in some subjects. No previous studies are required, and these programs last one or two academic years. The courses are thought by the teaching staff of the University of Barcelona.

Regarding the 2021/2022 academic year, the offering of training programs is varied and covers all areas of knowledge:

It offers an integrated and cross-sectional view of the world of nutrition and gastronomy, with multidisciplinary content on the different fields of food sciences.

It studies the different elements that form the Universe, from the solar system to the dark matter and energy, going through the stars, planets and galaxies.

PERSONAL AND SOCIAL WELLBEING This new program offers tools to achieve the complete wellbeing of people, applicable to the daily life and family and social relationships. The starting point is the education on values and the work on the emotions and health.

It offers a theoretical and practical introduction to the world of libraries and files on a personal key, and to the Internet and social networks, as tools for personal relationships.

BIOLOGY: HUMANS AND BIODIVERSITY It offers a view of the great variety of living beings that live in the planet and the result of millions of years of evolution that led to the great biodiversity of the moment. This program offers the possibility to carry out the practical lessons and field trips.

It offers a basic training on prevention and promotion of healthful habits, from a multidisciplinary perspective, in order to identify the most efficient healthful response when coping with a problem.

It offers an introduction to the field of creation, interpretation and application of law and legal rules, and it focuses on the concept of state.

It offers an approach to the world of social economics, circular economy, social policies, the welfare state, evolution and future of the pensions, and other relevant topics.

It covers the most relevant topics of our culture through philosophy and through the most representative philosophers.

It works on the basic bases of the history of art to understand and contextualize a piece of art from ancient times to the recent artistic works of contemporary times.

It provides the necessary basic information to understand the transformation of human society with the multidisciplinary knowledge generated by history, archaeology, anthropology and geography.

It provides a panoramic view of the topics related to different disciplines of the field of human sciences: history, thinking, literature and art.

It offers a basic training in the different areas that make the human language and theoretical and practical bases of literature.

PSYCHOLOGY It offers the basic content of psychology (individual and social) in oder to know how people think and act, and to know more about the pathologies and main disorders as well as their diagnose and treatment.

New complementary activities

This year, there are new activities from different fields aimed at complementing a healthy and cultural life. These can be annual or quadrimestral activities, and have a reduced fee for former members of the University of Experience and students of the School of Modern Languages. Apart from being members of the Gaudium Choir of the theatre group of the University of Experience, there is the possibility to join the courses of Conservatori Liceu and join the world of literature and writing with courses on literary creation or autobiographical narrative. In order to promote healthy habits, the UdE offers training in Quigong, meditation, yoga and body awareness. The civilization of the ancient Egypt, the history of astronomy or the world of fungus are just examples of the other new proposals offered by the University of Experience.

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