The Universitat will screen the short film ’Patterns’, about geophysics, gravitational waves and machine learning

The European action COST G2net, which combines geophysics, gravitational waves and Machine Learning, brings together one of its working groups between Monday 11th and Wednesday 13th April at the Faculty of Mathematics of the Universitat de València. Among the communication activities, a short film, "Patterns. Signals from the Universe", inspired by the action’s scientific content and financed in the framework of the project, will be screened.

The screening will take place on Tuesday 12th April at 5 p.m. in the Darwin Hall of the Burjassot-Paterna campus, and will be aimed especially at undergraduate and postgraduate students from the campus centres.

Regarding scientific content, mathematics and physics degrees are the closest, although the projection can also be of interest to anyone, due to the collaboration between an artistic discipline such as cinema and others such as science and technology, explains Isabel Cordero, professor in the Department of Mathematics at the Universitat de València and the project's science communication manager.

Admission is free until full capacity is reached and the activity will include a brief presentation of the event, the screening of the short film and a round table with the technical and scientific team that has carried out the execution of the short film. The event will be held in Spanish and a person will be able to translate possible questions to members of the scientific team from other countries. This short film has been made with the collaboration of the Asociación Cine Luz del Mar de Alicante.

On the other hand, with the same structure, on Wednesday 13th April at 4 p.m. in the Marie Curie Auditorium of the UV Science Park, there will be another premiere, in English, aimed at research staff.

The revolutionary discovery of gravitational waves on 14th September 2015 was made possible by the synergy of techniques based on expertise in physics, mathematics, data science and computer science. The G2net action aims to create a broad network of scientific personnel from four different areas: gravitational wave astronomy, geophysics, computer science and robotics, with the common aim of addressing challenges in data analysis and characterisation of noise in gravitational wave detectors.

European Action COST G2net:

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