The Universitat de València and the Provincial Council award entrepreneurship in rural towns

The Universitat de València and the Provincial Council have called for the second edition of the awards to the best innovative entrepreneurial ideas for rural towns and/or towns threatened with depopulation. The aim is to give credit to the work done by students of bachillerato (Spanish upper secondary school education) and vocational training related with rural environments. Students must be enrolled during the academic year 2021-2022 in an official education centre and they must submit an application.

According to professor Javier Esparcia, who promotes this initiative, "those rural entrepreneurship ideas are looking to encourage young people to take root in the rural territory where they live (or would like to live) and to appreciate that this rural environment has multiple potential, and surely also multiple possibilities for initiatives that are innovative and effective in terms of keeping people in the rural territory, generating employment and wealth".

The call allows to submit individual or group applications up to three students, regardless of their academic year, level or type of education, always under the supervision of the professor that will tutor the project. With these awards, the objective is to show the students of bachillerato and vocational training that taking up an economic activity in rural towns is possible, as well as opting for living in towns threatened with depopulation.

The participation applications for the awards will be sent to the Inter-university Institute for Local Development and must be submitted at the online office of the Univeristat de València. Each application must include a summary of the idea, indicating which type of initiative or small innovative business (start-up) it is referring to, the needs or demands it suggests to cover, the technology needed, the degree of physical presence in the area and the expected interaction with other public or private agents.

The applications will be available for submission after the publication of the extract of the call at the Official Newspaper of the Valencian government (Generalitat Valenciana), the deadline being the 31st July 2022 at 3pm. The evaluation of the applications will be carried out by a mixed commission that will act as a jury, made up of four members, including two members from the Inter-University Institute of the UV and two from the Provincial Council, at least one belonging to the area of Rural Development and policies against depopulation. According to the rules, there will be a ¤1,000 prize for the students that participate and ¤400 for the tutoring teacher; a second prize of ¤500 for the students and ¤200 for the teacher; and a third prize of ¤300 for the students and ¤100 for the teacher.

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