The UC3M presents its Report on Research and Transfer for 2019-2020

The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) presents its Report on Research and Transfer for 2019-2020, which includes the key parameters of the R&D&I carried out by the institution. This report includes a set of indicators related to research and innovation activity over the last two years in areas such as scientific production, funding raised, and transfer of knowledge, among others. It also allows data from 2017 and 2018 to be consulted and compared.

The latest edition of this report is available in a multimedia format, with an English version and more than 70 videos about the UC3M’s research groups, which makes analysing the evolution of the results easier. The interactive and dynamic presentation of the results allows the reader to visualise the data in different formats and identify comparisons.

The information in each section is displayed in a descriptive and integrated way, which makes it easier to analyse the evolution of different parameters in regard to the previous period. In addition to this, data and graphs can be downloaded as spreadsheets to make the information easier to access and visualise.

An update to this report is that the information about scientific production is linked to the UC3M’s "Research Portal", where readers can access and consult updated information. "This portal has become the main repository for collecting the University’s scientific output. It also allows us to consult the technologies that have been developed by our researchers," says the UC3M’s Vice-President for Scientific Policy, Juan José Vaquero.

Scientific output, funding raised and attracting talent

In regard to these results, the significant increase in the amount of funding raised in research and transfer in 2019-2020 is worth noting; a 55.6 percent increase with respect to the previous period. 25.2 million Euros from European programmes are a major contributor to this figure, representing an increase of 50 percent compared to the previous period. The funding raised through R&D contracts with companies for the transfer of knowledge from the university to the company is also worth noting. This amount increased by 27 percent with respect to the previous period and remains one of the main sources of funding raised through the modality of contracts, Article 83.

The data collected in this report about scientific production reveals that there has been a positive evolution, particularly for scientific articles, which increased by 13 percent when compared to the same previous period.

In terms of attracting research talent, 46 PhD candidates joined the University in 2019-2020 through various public calls for applications. These calls include the Conex-Plus programme, European Research Council (ERCs) and Marie Sklodowska-Curie programmes, Ramón y Cajal and Juan de la Cierva grants, or talent attraction programmes within the Community of Madrid, among others.

In regard to transfer, this report includes data about patent applications (10 national and 13 international), companies founded at the University (25 start-ups and 11 spin-offs), current software registrations (97), and technological offers (162). The report also includes information about funding secured through contracts with companies and other entities (almost 8 million Euros) and the number of companies that the UC3M collaborates with on international projects (188).

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