The UB, present in the EUCAIM European project


Recently, the European Commission announced the official launch of the European Federation for Cancer Imaging (EUCAIM), a project whose aim is to optimize precision medicine in order to improve cancer treatment and diagnoses.

Specifically, EUCAIM aims to solve the problem of the fragmentation of cancer imaging repositories and create a revolutionary infrastructure: an atlas including all images. The atlas will have more than 60 million anonymized records from more than 100,000 patients, and it will be accessible to doctors, researchers and innovators.

The University of Barcelona plays an important role in the project. The UB, together with the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, will lead the field of analytical and learning federated solutions, as well as the project’s analytical tools library. The aim is to define the technical approaches that allow the exploitation of data introduced in the repository, from fully federated solutions based on computing at data provider sites, to others that are hybrid and that include public computing infrastructures. The UB provides artificial intelligence solutions for the analysis of the images, such as those developed in projects like EuCanImage. Also, the University will contribute to the definition of the policies on data use and tools of the future infrastructure and management policies.

The EUCAIM project counts on the participation of the research groups Molecular Modelling and Bioinformatics, led by researcher Josep Lluís Gelpi, from the Faculty of Biology, and Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Lab, led by researcher Karim Lekadir, from the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences.