The trajectories of the Laboratorio de Luz and the Mètode magazine, two experiences on art and science, under debate at The LASER Talks

The trajectories of the Laboratorio de Luz and the Mètode magazine, two experiences on art and science, under debate at The LASER Talks

The Leonardo international initiative, which promotes interdisciplinary relationships between art, science, technology, and society, arrives this Saturday, June 4, at the Veles e Vents space in La Marina de València with the panel discussion -Future past ACTS in Valencia-. Starting at 7:30 p.m., the trajectory of two projects that have incorporated the interaction of art and science as a reason for being, although from complementary starting points, will be presented and analysed: the Laboratorio de Luz of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) and the research dissemination magazine Mètode, of the University of Valencia (UV).

Participating in the event are María José Martínez de Pisón, full professor of the Department of Painting, director of the Cultural Action Area of the UPV and founder of the research group Laboratorio de Luz, and Anna Mateu, editor-in-chief of the Mètode magazine, associate professor of Journalism at the UV and member of the research group Las Dos Culturas at the same institution.

The event was organised by the UPV’s Vice-rectorate for Art, Science, Technology and Society, and supported by the UV’s Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit and the Piratas de la Ciencia cultural association.

Since the 1960s there has been an international effort to unite science and art, and Valencia was not isolated from this trend. In that decade, movements such as Before Art established this relationship and searched for new ways of working. Under the influence of careers such as that of José María Yturralde, in 1990 the Laboratorio de Luz research group was created in 1990 by UPV researchers to deal with aesthetic disciplines related to image and light. On the other hand, in 1992, the disseminator and writer Martí Domínguez created the magazine Mètode, a publication aimed at disseminating research, and which very soon opened its doors to the participation of artists and experts in Philosophy, Sociology, History or Journalism, among other disciplines. In this Saturday’s debate at Veles e Vents, both María José Martínez de Pisón and Anna Mateu will share their experiences and return to the beginning of the two artistic and scientific experiences (Mètode and Laboratorio de Luz) with the motivations and experiences that they gave and how they have evolved.

This act is organised with the collaboration of the international festival of art, science, technology and music Volumens, the master’s degree in Visual Arts and Multimedia of the UPV and the Veles e Vents space, which provide a poster of activities with other activities such as exhibitions.

LASER Leonardo is a program of international meetings that bring together artists, scientists, humanists and technologists for informal presentations, performances, and conversations with the general public from more than 40 cities around the world. Its mission is to encourage contribution to the cultural environment of a region through interdisciplinary dialogue and opportunities for community building. Valencia is the first Spanish headquarters of the LASER Talks network and last March LASER talks-Valencia began its permanent programming.

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