The Science Park of the Universitat fills with people in the celebration of Exposcience

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Exposcience, the traditional festival of science, technology and innovation of the Universitat de València, has celebrated its XIV edition with over a hundred recreational and educational activities for all audiences, mainly outdoors. Games, learning and fun have been around the facilities of the Science Park, which has welcomed more than 4,000 people driven by the curiosity and interest about science.

Expocience is the open day of the Science Park (PCUV) of the Universitat de València, an Innovation ecosystem located at the Burjassot-Paterna Campus and a place where scientists and entrepreneurs work to transfer knowledge to the productive sector and to society.

As every year, the Park organises this festival of science, technology and innovation with the aim of showing its research activity to the public while playing throughout Saturday morning.

This year, more than one hundred proposals have taken part. Apart from the activities that the PCUV research institutes and the School of Engineering (ETSE) offer every year, enterprises from the Park, various centres, departments and entities of the Universitat de València (the Lluís Alcanyís Foundation and the Museum of Natural History, among others), the Experimenta fair, the Natura projects, various associations and NGOs, the City of Arts and Sciences, the Universitat Politècnica de València and the Health Research Institute Hospital La Fe have participated in the festival, among others.

Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Biology, Robotics and more workshops have been offered to visitors so that they have been able to draw microorganisms, cook on the Arctic, watch the Universe form the depths of the ocean, build a LEGO particle detector, watch cells, monitor environmental radioactivity, help to decontaminate the planet with sponges or inflate balloons with the help of yeasts.

Slime and a simulated hang gliding trip through Valencian lands have also been present. They have been able to discover the power of light and the secrets of the plants, learn how important is to save bees, launch rockets or be palaeontologists for a day.

Once again, visitors have been able to share experiences with great scientists, as the ones who work in the European Space Agency or the Large Hadron Collider of the CERN, as well as those whose job is to preserve biodiversity, energy efficiency and the environment. Most of these experts work at the Science Park and have attended the Exposcience so everyone can meet them.

Exposcience, organised by the Science Park in conjunction with the Universitat de València, the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) and Valencian Government receives thousands of visitors each year

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