The PAGODA Chair organises the online conference ’A world driven by data’

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On Thursday 22nd September, an online session will be held to analyse the application of data in different areas of daily life. Experts in different disciplines will address artificial intelligence, data analysis technologies and their usefulness in the business world.

This online conference has been organised by the PAGODA Chair for Open Government, Participation and Open Data , in collaboration with the Inter-university Institute for Local Development , the Regional Department for Participation, Transparency, Participation and Democratic Quality of the Generalitat Valenciana (Valencian Government) and the UV research group in Intelligent Data Analysis Laboratory - IDAL -

"We are living in what is known as ’datification’," explains the co-director of the PAGODA Chair, Emilio Soria , "all economic, industrial, social and political processes generate data, which can now be easily stored and analysed and have become a fundamental tool in decision-making in many fields of knowledge and in our daily lives," concludes the professor of Electronic Engineering.

Through a keynote speech and two round tables, this webinar "will serve as a space for dialogue in which to share experiences in the world of data, how to use them to extract value from them and how they can help us in our daily tasks", says the co-director of the PAGODA Chair, Joaquín Martín.

The inauguration of the conference will be held on 22nd September at 09:30 hours, by Rosa Mª Donat , Vice-Principal for Innovation and Transfer of the Universitat de València; a representative of the Regional Department of Participation, Transparency, Cooperation and Democratic Quality; and Emilio Soria, co-director of the PAGODA Chair.

Next, Ricardo Baeza Yates , research director in the Institute for Experiential AI at Northeastern University , will give a lecture on responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) , in which he will explain the ethical problems that Artificial Intelligence can cause.

At 11 a.m. the first round table on Industry and Finance is scheduled. With the participation of José Antonio Esteban (CEO of IronIA Fintech ), who will address freedom to invest; Carlos Andreu (Product Owner in Allot Ltd ), who will focus on sustainable cybersecurity; Isabella Karabasz (Data scientist in the GFT Group ), whose talk will focus on the hidden side of deploying AI models; and Arturo Miquel (Head of AI Engineering in Spain with Cognizant ), who will address the maintenance of critical infrastructure with AI and drones.

The second round table will focus on people. Inma Pérez (Director of Digital Health at ) will share the Tartaglia project. Vicente Castelló (CEO of Dupplica ) will explain what customer segmentation with RFM using Kmeans consists of. Delia Majarín (People Analytics Manager in Accenture ) will participate in the round table with a talk entitled "People Analytics: cómo sacarle el máximo partido a los datos en Recursos Humanos" (Spanish for People Analytics: how to get the most out of data in Human Resources). Mariam Silla (People Partner of Sesame HR ) will share with users the possibilities of attracting and retaining talent through the working environment. And Antonio Romero ( Almansa City Council ) will explain the ’Almansa Impulsa’ Project, a high-tech business incubator focused on data and Artificial Intelligence.

The conference is free of charge but registration is required in order to attend.