The innovative role of university spin-offs and Technology-Based Companies in general, under debate in the Science Park

From left, Guillermo Palao, Eva Alcaraz, Jesús Olavarría.
From left, Guillermo Palao, Eva Alcaraz, Jesús Olavarría.
This Tuesday, the Science Park of the University of Valencia (PCUV) celebrates the IV Conference on public-private collaboration in the field of research and innovation, under the motto ’University EBTs as levers of innovation’. The event, with free access upon registration, will open in person at 9:15 a.m. in the Marie Curie Auditorium and will also be broadcast online on the PCUV YouTube channel.

The objective of this edition is to offer an overview of the specific issues that arise in the generation and development of Technology-Based Companies (EBT) in the field of universities and research centres, as well as to open a debate around the role of the universities themselves in this field of public-private collaboration, one of the ways to articulate the transfer and exploitation of research results and to promote collaborative innovation.

The conference will feature the participation of researchers who have promoted and participate in EBT and/or spin-off of the UV, such as Pilar Domingo - UV researcher at I2SysBio and founder of Evolving Therapeutics - Antonio Ferrer - IDiBE,UMH and founder of Antalgenics, Hawk Biosystems and Prospera Biotech - or the professor of Psychology Inmaculada Montoya, promoter of the company Emotic; from university managers, such as Lucía Echevarría, vice manager of Research, Transfer and Innovation at the UV; from jurists and experts in Commercial Law such as José Masaguer -professor at the UMU-, Jaume Martí (UV) and Marta García (UC3M), and from investors such as Iker Marcaide -Founder of Zubi Capital-, with experience in this field.

The event will begin at 09:15 a.m. with a presentation by the vice-rector for Innovation and Transfer of the University of Valencia, Rosa M. Donat; the director of the PCUV, Pedro Carrasco, and with professors Jesús Olavarría (department of Commercial Law UV) and Guillermo Palao, full professor of Private International Law at the UV, co-organisers of the conference together with the head of the GLOBALTECH program at the FPCUV, Eva Alcaraz.

This activity is part of the Globaltech project, promoted by the Science Park Foundation of the University of Valencia (FPCUV) and funded by the Department of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society of the GVA.

The Conference, organised by the FPCUV with the collaboration of the Valencian Government, the GI+Dpi and the University of Valencia itself, can be followed in person or online on the YouTube channel of the University of Valencia Science Park. The event is free of charge with prior registration.