The infrastructure of the Artemisa Artificial Intelligence, from the Institute of Corpuscular Physics, obtains a security certificate against potential cyberattacks

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The infrastructure of the Artemisa AI, which is installed in the Institute of Corpuscular Physics (IFIC, UV-CSIC), has obtained the ISO 27001 certificate. This provides a high level of quality and security of the information systems against potential cyberattacks. Artemisa is a high-performance computer installation aimed at the research of Automatic Learning and Artificial Intelligence assisted by GPU coprocessors.

Given the rise of cyberattacks, institutions are actively working on strengthening their security systems. Due to cybercrime, financial losses are rising as well.

Transforming virtual spaces into safe ones is necessary so that projects related to regulated environments can be computed in Artemisa. These environments, related to critical sectors such as space surveillance, the energy and nuclear sectors and, especially, the medical sector, where privacy is also a relevant aspect, are the greatest incentives for this certification. Because of this, the certification has been supported by the Scientific Unit of Industrial Innovation (UCIE) of the IFIC.

This certificate attests that Artemisa has an Information Security Management System that secures the artificial intelligence and automatic learning processes of the IFIC and protects the information that the entity manages against data leakage and cyberthreats while it also guarantees an adequate resilience to successfully face potential risks or disasters that may occur.

"The ISO 27001 regulation is a very important step in guaranteeing Artemisa users that their information and data are well protected", points out José Enrique García, vice-principal of the IFIC and manager of Artemisa.

This progress regarding Information Security entails an alignment between the IFIC and the management of Information Security of the Universitat de València, which is one of the first universities in Spain to have a certificate in the National Security Framework (ENS). Currently, most information managed by organisations is available online, through the use of new technologies. The ISO 21001 regulation was developed with the aim of offering safety when treating this information.

It is an international regulation that encompasses information security management, from hardware, networks and software to infrastructures and the ranking of the employees of the entity. It is the most used standard when verifying that an entity has the appropriate tools to adequately manage confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

This certificate is an opportunity for the IFIC to demonstrate that the user information is managed efficiently and the highest level of security. This improvement has been possible thanks to the efforts made by the work group that was coordinated by Francisco Albiol, researcher at the IFIC. According to Albiol, ’having obtained the ISO 27001 certificate is the result of all the effort done by the IFIC information services and it will require continuity over time’.

Artemisa Artemisa is a high-performance computer installation aimed at the research of Automatic Learning and Artificial Intelligence assisted by GPU coprocessors. It uses state-of-the-art CPUs and GPUs to enable computational projects to develop and run their most advanced algorithms.

It periodically opens its calls for applications for the use of the infrastructure for research works that require calculations in artificial intelligence and machine learning and it is available to all research groups in public universities and public research organisations in Spain.

Currently, Artemisa has 23 servers which host an NVIDIA Volta V100 GPU; 11 servers with an NVIDIA Ampere A100 GPU; and one server with 8 GPUs of the same model. The servers are capable of doing calculations using artificial intelligence. Apart from these servers, which must be used in batch mode, two interfaces where users can previously test their programmes are also available. Furthermore, Artemisa has a state-of-the-art CPU and storage system.

Official ISO 27001 certificate obtained by the IFIC

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