The #HiloTesis contest to promote communication skills among doctoral students is now open

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The CRUE Spanish Universities, together with the Research Dissemination and Scientific Culture (RedDivulga) of the Crue’s Sectorial Commission for R+D+I and the Ignacio Larramendi Foundation launched the fourth edition of the #HiloTesis: Your Doctoral Thesis on Social Media. This contest, organised by the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities, promotes the development of communication skills and scientific dissemination among doctoral and recently graduated doctoral students from CRUE members institutions, such as the Universitat de València.

Researchers in training and doctoral students, whether they have completed their studies and defended their doctoral thesis in the last 12 months or not, have the possibility to publish their work in order to increase the social relevance of the research. Last year, 384 thesis were submitted from 47 universities members of the CRUE.

To participate, those interested must post a ’thread’ on social media platforms such as X (formerly Twitter), Threads, Bluesky and Mastodon, or use Instagram’s carousel feature, and make the most of its potential as communication channels. The contents must be adapted to a plain, accessible and attractive language. There will be six prizes of 500 euros each in this fourth edition, thanks to funding provided by the Ignacio Larramendi Foundation.

The competition will run from 0:00am on 1 June to 12:59pm on 15 June 2024 . Any post or submission after the deadline will not be accepted. Once published the thread or carousel, contestants must register or provide the link via the following form:­iewSpVEis. Posts not correctly registered via form, after said deadline or if the link provided is incorrect will also not be accepted.

The first post of the thread or carousel must include the hashtag #HiloTesis and, if possible, quote or tag @CrueUniversidad, @RedDivulga, @filarramendi and the participating university’s account or its UCC+I (Unit of Scientific Culture and Innovation), if they have one. For the Universitat de València, it would be @cdcienciauv (Science Culture and Innovation Unit) or the institutional account (@UV_EG).

The #HiloTesis can be posted on multiple social media platforms, but the contestant must point out in the form which one is to be submitted. Contestants are encouraged to post on multiple platforms for a greater dissemination and impact. In addition, the thread or carousel can be posted in any of Spain’s co-official languages, but the university must provide a version translated into Spanish if selected for the national phase.

The presentation of #HiloTesis 2024 at CRUE’s headquarters was attended by Crue-R+D+I President and Principal of the University of Castilla-La Mancha Julián Garde, who emphasised that the contest aims to ’support young people who are getting into research’. Vice-Principal of the Ignacio Larramendi Foundation Carmen Hernando de Larramendi pointed out during the presentation that the contest also aims to draw attention to the silent effort of university researchers.