The biologist and entrepreneur Ángela Pérez, a graduate of the Universitat de València, wins the Rei Jaume I Award for entrepreneurship

Ángela Pérez

Ángela Pérez

The biologist and entrepreneur Éngela Pérez, a graduate of the Universitat de València, wins the Rei Jaume I Award for entrepreneurship

Ángela Pérez Pérez, founder and LifeScience Vice-President in Health in Code, a biotechnological company located at the Parc Científic, obtained the Rei Jaume I Award 2022 in the entrepreneur category. She is a graduate in Biology of the Universitat de València where she began her researcher career. The entrepreneur stands out for her activity in the field of genomic medicine.

Ángela Pérez graduated in Biological Sciencies in 1996 from the Universitat de València and started her research career in the genomics laboratories of the academic institution. Her participation in European projects of whole-genome sequencing has led to the publication of several articles in scientific journal of international impact.

Nevertheless, her market perspective set a different pace to her professional life. At the early age of 23 she founded her first biotech company -Sistemas Genómicosand currently she is involved in different entrepreneurial initiatives in genetics and genomics. For example the Instituto de Medicina Genómica (IMEGEN) (Genomic Medicine Institute) which today forms part of Health in Code, national leader and one of the biggest non-reproductive genetics companies of Europe.

Presently she is president of the Bio cluster of the Valencian Community, Bioval, and is part of the patronage of the ADEIT.

The jury of the Rei Jaume I Award has decided unanimously to award her the prize in its 2022 edition, for being a clear example of knowledge transfer to the market. "Ángela Pérez has a balanced combination of her scientific profile and her high level management abilities, in addition to a natural talent to entrepreneurship" says the verdict.

Ángela Pérez Pérez is a 48 year old Valencian who is LifeScience Vice-President in Health in Code, there she leads a team of professionals, most of them form the Universitat de València. To her list of awards as a successful entrepreneur has now been added the Rei Jaume I Award given by the namesake foundation, an institution constituted by the Fundación Valenciana de Estudios Avanzados and the Generalitat Valenciana. Its one of the most prestigious and best-endowed prizes in Spain, with juries made up mainly by Nobel laureates.

From now on, as a Rei Jaume I winner, the Valencian entrepreneur will be part of the Alto Consejo Consultivo en I+D+i of the Presidency of the Generalitat Valenciana.

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