Specialists analyse the scientific and business potential of microelectronics in the Valencian Community

The Science Park of the University of Valencia (PCUV) celebrates on June 21 the conference -Microelectronics: the challenges of the new driving force of the Valencian economy-, within the framework of the Innotransfer open innovation program. Experts from different research centres and companies will analyse the challenges of science and the Valencian business fabric in the field of microelectronics and semiconductors.

On a horizon marked by the challenges of the chip industry, the Valencian Community represents one of the poles of microelectronic design in the whole of Spain, accumulating more than 60% of all national activity in the semiconductor sector. Some of the most important multinationals have established offices in the Valencian territory, attracted both by the logistics facilities and by the source of talent from the universities.

Within this framework, the new Innotransfer event is being developed, the open innovation program promoted by the Valencian Agency for Innovation (AVI) in collaboration with the Network of Science Parks of the Valencian Community (rePCV) . This conference, organised by the Science Park of the University of Valencia (PCUV) on Wednesday June 21, is included within the Enabling Technologies area, in response to the priority challenges detected by the AVI.

This face-to-face meeting, which will take place in the PCUV’s Marie Curie Auditorium, is presented as an opportunity to publicise companies, research groups and entities that contribute to the advances of the sector in the Valencian Community, in addition to offering a broad vision in the state and international framework, with the participation of the Valencia Silicon Cluster, the Multisectoral Association of Spanish Electronics and Communications Companies (Ametic) and the Chip Missions of the Centre for Technological Development and Innovation (CDTI).

During the conference, the current context defined by the Microelectronics and Semiconductors PERTE will be addressed, in addition to presenting a global vision of companies that work in the sector and are linked to the Valencian science parks, such as Analog Devices, Würth Elektronik, B&R Automation and EMXYS, among others, and also of various lines of research currently being developed by Valencian universities.

In the first part of the event, the perspective of the companies linked to the Valencian science parks will be addressed through a round table made up of Javier Calpe, Design Centre Manager of Analog Devices and professor of the Department of Electronic Engineering at ETSE-UV; Jorge Victoria, Senior Product Manager EMC Shielding & Thermal Materials of Würth Elektronik; Marcos García, Office Manager of B&R Automation; and José Antonio Carrasco, CEO and co-founder of EMXYS.

Likewise, collaborations and aid to promote the Valencian Community and the Spanish territory in the microelectronics industry will be analysed, in the presentations given by Mayte Bacete, director of the Valencia Silicon Cluster; Eduardo Valencia, head of the Ametic Microelectronics Sector; and Emilio Iglesias, head of the CDTI Department of Institutional Promotion and Territorial Cooperation.

In addition to the business and sector vision, the conference will have the participation of research groups linked to the microelectronics sector in the Valencian Community, with the voices of Càndid Reig, professor of Electronic Engineering at ETSE-UV; Cristina Roldán, researcher at the Institute of Molecular Science (ICMol) of the University of Valencia; Carlos Mariñas, researcher at the Institute of Corpuscular Physics (IFIC), a mixed centre of the UV-CSIC; Roberto Llorente, director of the Nanophotonics Technological Centre of the Polytechnic University of Valencia; and Daniel Torrent, researcher at the Optics Research Group (GROC) of the Jaume I University of Castellón.

The lecture, which aims to gather challenges of the Valencian business fabric and of the research groups in the field of microelectronics and semiconductors, will culminate with a presentation by Luc Yao, operating partner of TAcc+, accelerator of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Institute of Industrial Technology Research (ITRI) of Taiwan.