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The 7th Science Fest will take place from May 25 to 28 and will be held online

The 7th Science Fest will take place from May 25 to 28 and will be held online

The 7th Science Fest of the University of Barcelona will take place from May 25 to 28, and for its second year in a row, the event will be held online. The Fest has become an annual date for people to discover the research carried out at the UB. This year’s edition offers a wide range of proposals, with new formats and content, and counts on the participation of many researchers who will explain their job using a plain language, easy to understand, for non-specialized audiences. It presents activities that are aimed at educational centers and others for the general audience, both adults and children. Also, there will be proposals to take part and interact with the research staff live, but also recorded activities to watch them any time of the day. All proposals can be followed in the website and the Youtube channel of La UB Divulga.

Zone activities: five practical proposals to carry out in the classroom

Zone activities include five practical proposals to carry out in the class: two are specially aimed at primary education centers, and three at secondary education schools. Each proposal includes a video so that the schools see the previously recorded workshop with a school group, as well as a list of materials, if necessary, to copy the experience in their class, in the social bubble.

There are two proposals for primary school students. One of them shows them how to see the inside of the Earth, using a comparison with onions. In the activity, provided by the Sedimentary Geology Research Group, students will build a mock-up of the Earth and will see what a living body under constant change is. The zone activity is aimed at the youngest ones and will bring participants closer to the field of plant physiology.

Regarding the other zone activities are aimed at secondary schools, the first activity will bring youngsters closer to the concept of mediation. The objective of this activity, brought by the Department of Private Law, is for students to discover that sometimes, conflict solution does not reach the court. In the second workshop, the Institute of Cosmos Sciences presents an activity to get closer to the world of constellations. The activity provides the tools to build it in three dimensions considering the position and the distance of the stars that build it. Last, there is an activity brought by the Centre for Sociolinguistics and Communication Research (CUSC-UB) and Laboratorio SQ, which calls students to play the role of a forensic linguist in order to understand the task carried out by these professionals as a word detective.

Two live workshops: chemistry and nutrition

The chemistry workshop will take place at 11 a.m. and is aimed at schools, and the food workshop is aimed at the general audience and will take place at 4.30 p.m. Both will be given by researchers of the University of Barcelona. The attendees, apart from listening to and finding out new things, will take part in the practical experiences to be presented over their broadcast. Later, the recording of the workshops will be available in this website and on the Youtube channel of La UB Divulga.

Colloquiums on three relevant current affair topics

The live colloquiums present a journey through the three relevant topics of current affairs: global health, the role of women in research, and climate change. Each of them features three prestigious experts, chaired by research staff of the UB. The colloquiums, which will offer a multi-faceted view on these issues, which will be live-streamed and can be followed on the website and the Youtube channel of La UB Divulga. They will be available in these platforms afterwards.

Pieces of science from all knowledge fields

Pieces are precisely this: small parts of science in different formats such as project presentations, workshop proposals, demonstrations, etc. These are recordings by the UB research staff that offer a taste of science so that everyone can discover what their job is like. All pieces will be available on the Youtube channel of La UB Divulga after the week of the Science Fest

With this initiative, the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCC+i) wants to contribute to increase the current offering of science resources and activities to enjoy it at home. This is another opportunity to captivating people using research and dissemination. Moreover, as expected, the Science Fest aims to be the engine to reach a better and more sustainable future for everyone. Therefore, the sustainable development goals (SDGs) are indicated in all the activities.

The activity is supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation - Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT).

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