PoliglÚtia, new website for language learning


The Language Services offer the university community and anyone who is interested the website PoliglÚtia , a space that collects guides to learn languages independently and for free. The guides are offered in an interactive presentation format and are aimed at a specific learning: getting started in taking up a language. These offer a wide range of advice and a selection of open resources to reach the goal in a self-taught way, and they offer an approach to strategies to learn a language.

Thanks to the evolution of technology, there are more playful and diverse tools adapted to many types of learners. PoliglÚtia puts a special emphasis on the selection of the top websites and applications to learn for free.

The guides offer not only resources for individual learning, but also guidelines to promote social and participatory learning. Also, there are collaborative platforms in which the interaction with other people and cultural exchanges lead to a more enjoyable and shared experience.

This is a completely open resource, available to the university community, especially the University of Barcelona, and to other collectives that are interested in language learning.