Olga Lanau, appointed general director of CSUC, leaves the general management of the UB Group

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Olga Lanau.Olga Lanau.


Olga Lanau, general director of the UB Group since March 2021, leaves this position to enter the Catalan Consortium of University Services (CSUC) as general director. The rector, Joan Guàrdia, stated his satisfaction for Lanau’s new position, "although our institution loses an important asset for the transformation process we started, as seen in the great work she has carried out during this period, it is a source of pride that the leading institutions use the talent of the University of Barcelona to contribute to the whole system. Anything that contributes to the improvement of the whole system is good news for our institution; the arrival of a person with Olga’s knowledge and trajectory to such an important place like CSUC is also good news. Especially considering the big challenge we are facing when it comes to digital transformation in the Catalan university and research system.

During this period, Olga Lanau has coordinated the management of the entities that make up the UB Group and the strategies with UB Management as the leading entity of the group. She also established the general framework for financial action for the UB Group and has worked on the strategical plans and presenting the results of the management of the Group entities to the Governing Council and the Board of Trustees, among other actions and projects in which she has been involved. Among her competences were overseeing the working conditions of the staff hired by the Group’s entities, and proposing projects of financial and strategic nature.

Lanau has a long experience in the field of university management. She has been manager at two universities, the University of Barcelona (2001-2005) and the Technical University of Catalonia (2013-2018), and deputy manager of People and Organization of a third one, the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2018-2020). Lanau’s experience on public management includes the positions of director of Prevention, Firefighting and Rescue at the Catalan Government (2005-2010).

CSUC was created in 2014 to incorporate academic, scientific, library, knowledge transfer and management services of the consortium entities with the aim of improving the functioning of the university and research system.