Of the UV, Ricard Martínez, among the experts to protect minors in the digital environment

Professor of the UV, Ricard Martínez, among the experts to protect minors in the digital environment

Ricard Martínez.
Ricard Martínez.

Ricard Martínez, professor of the Department of Constitutional Law, Political Science and Administration of the Faculty of Law of the Universitat de Valčncia, is one of the experts appointed by the Government to study the protection of minors in the digital environment. The Spanish cabinet approved the creation of a committee that will design a strategy to promote a safe digital environment for children and teenagers.

This group will be composed of a maximum of 50 members, and will include representation from the Childhood Observatory, the Spanish Racism and Xenophobia Observatory, the State Council for Child and Teen Participation, the Youth Council, the Youth Digital Advisory Council, the AEPD, the State School Council, INCIBE, the CNMC and the Consumers and Users Council. It includes representation from the confederations of parents’ associations and third sector organisations.

They will be joined by a group of experts including Ricard Martínez, who heads the Chair for Privacy and Digital Transformation of the Universitat de Valčncia.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, indicated the executive’s intention to design a comprehensive and inter-ministerial strategy for the protection of minors on the Internet in different areas (education, equality, digitalisation and verification), the drafting of a Law Project for the comprehensive protection of minors on the Internet and the development of technological tools that allow age verification. It is proposed to promote a multidisciplinary approach strategy based on education, since prevention and training play a crucial role in promoting a safe digital environment. It is also proposed to promote progress in the development of technological solutions aimed at preventing minors from accessing adult content.

Professor Martínez has devoted part of his research in the field of data protection to the risks and impacts of information technologies on the rights of minors. As coordinator of the studies area of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (2007-2011), he promoted the first guides and recommendations of the regulator and collaborated in Parliamentary Commissions and in Red.es working groups related to the risks for minors on the Internet. He has also been rapporteur-coordinator in the drafting of the Spanish Government’s Charter of Digital Rights.