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Music - Event - 10.01.2023

Music - Event - 12.12.2022

Music - Health - 02.02.2022

Music - Health - 19.01.2022

Music - Computer Science - 19.11.2021
The emotions aroused by music, and our way of perceiving them, studied by artificial intelligence
Researchers with the UPF Music Technology Research Group (MTG) aim to create more complete and precise standards for algorithms that seek to recognize musical emotions perceived by listeners.

Music - 16.06.2021
Els Vespres de la UB, like never before
Cultura The sixteenth edition of Els Vespres , the cycle of concerts of the University of Barcelona, changes its location and goes to the Agustí Pedro i Pons building, a unique place at the bottom of Collserola with a great view of Barcelona.