Lecturer Maria Teresa Anguera receives an honorary doctorate from the University of La Laguna

María Teresa Anguera.María Teresa Anguera.

The UB emeritus lecturer Maria Teresa Anguera received an honorary doctorate this Friday, April 29, at the University of La Laguna. During the ceremony, Carmen Rosa Sánchez López, tenured lecturer from the Department of Clinical Psychology, Psychobiology and Methodology of La Laguna, pronounced Anguera’s laudation.

Maria Teresa Anguera has taught thirty different subjects at the UB, all of them in the methodology area of behavioural sciences. She has contributed significantly to this field through the observational methodology, which enabled her to work on a theoretical, strategic and technical development to cope with any type of human behaviour in its natural context. She is the author of several works: more than 300 research papers and 182 publications among books and book chapters. Her task on knowledge transfer is outstanding as well, with more than 470 communications in conferences, 150 given conferences and 72 speeches as a guest.

Maria Teresa Anguera focused her acceptance speech on the analysis called mixed methods, which integrates quantitative and qualitative elements. Specifically, she presented the possibilities of mixed methods in the framework of systematic observation of human behaviour. "This mixed methods analysis has been developed exponentially over the recent decades, and the challenge brought by the updating and competence is growing", said Anguera. In this context, the UB emeritus lecturer pointed out the current application of the so-called quantitizing (the process by which qualitative data are transformed into quantitative data) in fields such as sports, clinical psychology, school psychology and environmental psychology, for instance. She concluded her speech calling for the continuance of research: "we need to put a lot of effort into reflecting on new ways, building them, implementing them, and evaluating them. It is both an individual and a team task to which we must dedicate tenacity, courage and audacity".