Good music and a lot of emotion at Carlota Flâneur’s concert in Els Vespres

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The performance was magical, and it captivated the audience with each of the del
The performance was magical, and it captivated the audience with each of the delicate songs in her repertoire.


The concert series of the University of Barcelona kicked off its sixteenth edition yesterday with the excitement of opening its new location at the Agustí Pedro i Pons building and with more enthusiasm than ever to offer live performances in the open air. The faithful audience of Els Vespres did not miss the event, nor did any of Carlota Flâneur’s fans.

The doors of the venue opened at 6:30 p.m. and the first spectators did not wait long at all. They were taken the temperature; sanitary measures guidelines were given and everyone was directed to their assigned table. The garden of the building, as unique as it was, unknown to many of the attendees, was enchanting at first sight. And to make the experience more pleasant, the soundtrack was provided by DJ FARDOE, from the Sin Sync DJs collective.

The space, which witnessed the reunion of friends who had not met for a long time and shared conversations, ended up filled up in a placid and staggered manner. At 8:00 p.m., the vice-rector for Cultural Heritage and Activities, Agustí Alcoberro, welcomed the attendees: "We want, from now on, to incorporate this space into the cultural life of Barcelona", he said, while thanking the organisation for having made the cycle possible, despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic.

Carlota Flâneur, visibly moved and with the passionate and sweet mood that characterises her equally, kicked off this year’s Els Vespres with one of the tracks from her debut album, Brains, published by Hidden Track and produced by Ferran Palau, who, by the way, did not miss the event.

In symbiosis with the space, the performance was magical and captivated the audience with each of the delicate songs in her repertoire. Not only because of the voice and the musical quality of the band, but also because of Carlota’s way of being, her naturalness and her emotion. The singer explained that she had many friends in the audience, and that she was overjoyed: "I’m so happy to be here", she said several times as she gave away songs.

Towards the end of the concert, she played Alive at the same time, with which she emphasised how lucky she was to belong to the same generation as all the people in her life and, therefore, to be able to be together. The same luck that made all the audience at yesterday’s Els Vespres concert coincide, and who returned home with the same smile that Carlota had worn throughout the evening.

Some of yesterday’s attendees already have tickets for the rest of the concerts, which will be on Thursday 15 (Bikôkô), Tuesday 20 (Marialluïsa) and Thursday 22 (Kiwis). If you have not booked your tickets yet, you’d better get a move on, because Els Vespres is about to sell out.