Four baccalaureate students trained at the University of Valencia, awarded in the national phase of the Physics Olympiad

Juan Moya Rico, Héctor Gómez, David Cebolla and Nicolás Merenciano.Juan Moya Rico, Héctor Gómez, David Cebolla and Nicolás Merenciano.
Juan Moya Rico and Héctor Gómez Tabernes (silver medal), David Cebolla Ruiz (bronze medal) and Nicolás Merenciano Esteve (honourable mention), baccalaureate students trained by the University of Valencia (UV), have been awarded in the national phase of the Physics Olympiad, held from April 27 to 30 in Lugo. The four winners from the Valencia university district were accompanied by UV professors Chantal Ferrer (Department of Applied Physics and Electromagnetism) and María Jesùs Hernández (Earth Physics and Thermodynamics).

Juan Moya Rico studies at Cambridge House Community College in Rocafort, Héctor Gómez Taberner at Colegio Martí Sorolla II in Valencia, David Cebolla Ruiz at the British School Alzira de la Barraca d’Aigües Vives and Nicolás Merenciano Esteve at Colegio Nª. Sra. De la Salud of Algemesí.

The Physics Olympiad is an international competition in which students from many countries participate and which is organised by the Spanish Royal Society of Physics (RSEF) in its national phase. The University of Valencia - through the Faculty of Physics and the Delegation for University Integration - as well as the Polytechnic University, are in charge of the local phase of the competition in Valencia , which was held in the first of March and which consists of a written test of Physics problems and exercises.

The four students from the Valencian delegation in Lugo participated in a three-hour experimental test and another theoretical test, lasting 4 hours, with three problems. In addition, on Saturday they visited the As Rozas Airport and the Castro de Viladonga and, in the evening, the city centre. On Sunday, the awards ceremony and the closing ceremony were held.

In addition to the four students mentioned who attended the national test, there were two additional qualifiers from the local phase (substitutes for the national), Joan Pascual Ribes (IES María Enríquez of Gandia) and Aleix Ortells Blanco (IES Joan Fuster of Sueca). Given the excellent results, the local commission of the Olympiad awarded three honourable mentions to Hugo Palop Lloret (IES Veles e Vents of the Gandia Grau), Pablo Mestre Alonso (Cambridge House Community College of Rocafort) and María Guerrero Jiménez (British School Alzira of the La Barraca d’Aigües Vives). The nine awardees received a 12-hour experimental course in the faculty’s laboratories.

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