Expocičncia will be held next Saturday, 11 May at the Universitat Science Park

A photo of Expocičncia 2023
A photo of Expocičncia 2023
The UV expects to receive more than 4,000 visitors at the sixteenth edition of Expocičncia, its annual open day at the Science Park (PCUV), aimed at bringing science closer to society. The day, which will be held on Saturday, 11 May from 10:00 to 14:00, will offer a hundred activities designed for all’audiences and related to science, technology and sustainability.

Showing the role of science and technology to make a sustainable world possible through dissemination and entertainment is the proposal that marks the sixteenth edition of Expocičncia, the open day of the Science Park of the UV (PCUV).

Free of charge and aimed at families, the celebration will take place at the facilities of the Science Park and the School of Engineering (ETSE-UV), throughout the morning of Saturday, 11 May, between 10:00 and 14:00. There will be more than 100 activities for all’audiences. More than 800 people are involved in the organisation, most of them research staff from the research institutes of the UV and the CSIC, from centres and departments of the academic institution and professionals from the PCUV companies.

The public will be able to share experiences with great researchers, such as those working at the European Space Agency or CERN’s Large Particle Accelerator, or those involved in biodiversity preservation, energy efficiency and the environment. "The conference is a unique opportunity for social attraction and collaboration between the many different entities that make up the Science Park, with the outreach of science to society as the backbone", said Pedro Carrasco, director of the PCUV.

All the information on the conference can be found on the website www.expociencia.org