Eugeni Graugés and Oriol Pujol, new deans of Physics and Mathematics and Computer Science, respectively

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The rector with the deans who took office today.

The rector with the deans who took office today.


Professor Eugeni Graugés Pous, from the Department of Quantum Physics and Astrophysics, and Oriol Pujol Vila, tenured university lecturer at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, took office as deans of the Faculty of Physics and the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, respectively. The ceremony took place today, June 14, in the Aula Magna of the Historical Building, presided over by the rector, Joan Guàrdia.

The following members were re-elected: M. Dolors Tapias Gil, as dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Ricardo Piqueras Céspedes as dean of the Faculty of Geography and History; Ramon Alemany Leira, as dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, and Javier Velaza Fías, as dean of the Faculty of Philology and Communication.

During his speech, the rector Joan Guàrdia highlighted the fact that young people is entering the management and this is a future guarantee: "We have the best breeding-ground", he noted. Also, he highlighted the deans’ offices’ ability "to get people to trust the faculty" and thanked "the generosity and commitment" this task involves.

New dean at the area of Particle Physics

Professor Eugeni Graugés, who replaces Professor Atilà Herms, has been to date vice-rector for Research and Doctoral Studies at the Faculty of Physics. He is a researcher at the Institute of Cosmos Sciences and his research focuses on the experimental particle physics. He has taken part in important parameter measures between the fundamental interactions in the ATLAS, ALEPH and LHCb experiments, conducted in the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), in Geneva (Switzerland), and in the BaBar experiment, carried out in the SLAC national accelerator, from Stanford University (California, USA).

Graduated in Physical Sciences (1995) and with a doctorate on Physics (2000) from UAB, he was a Ramón y Cajal researcher (2003) and tenure-track 2 lecturer at the Department of Structure and Constituents of Matter (2007), and conducted postdoctoral stays at the universities of Oregon, Stanford and Maryland, in the United States.

The new dean highlights one the challenges in his mandate is to provide the Secretary’s Office of Students and Teaching with more resources, both in spaces and staff, and to continue the adaptation of the different departmental secretary offices to the reform of the departments from 2015. "This would involve a more transversal management regarding research and more specific management in teaching", he notes. He also plans to improve the teaching in the Faculty, "updating the studies according to their current environment, where technology has become a social active, and we can benefit from it to apply innovative processes in teaching. We want to support the research of the Faculty -departments and institutes-, which is a high-level one according to the rankings, so that it gets the recognition it deserves, compared to its nearest institutions", concludes Graugés.

First dean in the area of Computer Science

Oriol Pujol Vila, who replaces Professor Carles Casacuberta, is a lecturer in the area of Computer Sciences and Artificial Intelligence at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences. He graduated on Engineering on Telecommunications at UPC and holds a doctorate on Computer Siences from UAB in the field of computer vision and automatic learning applied to the medical field designing artificial intelligence tools for angioplasty support. His research focuses on the fundamental aspects of supervised automatic learning. His long-term objective is to understand the human-decision processes and move this knowledge to the creation of reliable and ethical autonomous computational algorithms. He has a more than twenty-years experience on technological transfer in advanced data analysis projects in diverse fields such as medicine, psychiatry, healthy ageing technologies, finance, marketing and self-driving cars, among others.  

He has been promoter and director of the official master’s degree on Fundamental Principles of Data Science and the postgraduate degree on Big Data & Big Science. From 2021 to 2016, he was head of studies of the bachelor’s degree on Computer Engineering, and from 2016 to 2021, he was the vice-rector for Digital Transformation.  

According to Pujol, "the program of the new Dean’s Office is based on five strategic points: commitment to quality and transparency, promotion of research and policies of excellence human resources, experience of the Faculty, a student-focused service, and the Faculty’s outreach to society".

Inauguration ceremony of the Deans’ Offices

During the ceremony, the following Deans’ Offices took office:

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Jordi Marzo Sanchez, vice-dean for Academic Affairs
Joana Cirici Nuñez, vice-dean for Research
Oliver Díaz Montesdeoca, vice-dean for Students and Institutional Relations
Xavier Guitart Morales, secretary of the Faculty

Faculty of Physics
Joan Bartomeu Balagueró, vice-dean for Academic Affairs
Pere Serra Coromina, vice-dean for Students and Quality
Lluís Mañosa Carrera, vice-dean for Research and Doctoral Studies
Antoni García Santiago, secretary of the Faculty

Faculty of Fine Arts
Joaquim Cantalozella Planas, vice-dean for Academic Affairs and Doctoral Studies
M. Montserrat López Páez, vice-dean for Culture and Students
Núria Ricart Ulldemolins, vice-dean for Mobility and Research
Eugeni Boldu Montoro, academic secretary

Facultat de Geografia i Història
Maria Soler Sala, vice-dean for Academic Affairs
Núria Benach Rovira, vice-dean for Quality and Teaching Innovation
Jaume Carbonell Guberna, vice-dean for Doctoral and Postgraduate Studies
Jaume Buxeda i Garrigós, vice-dean for Research
Jordi Gascón Gutiérrez, secretary of the Faculty, for International Relations, Mobility and Language Policy

Faculty of Economics and Business
Laura Guitart Tarrés, vice-dean for Academic Affairs
Raul Ramos Lobo, vice-dean for Research and Doctoral Studies
Nuria Rodríguez Ávila, vice-dean for External Relations, Social Commitment and Students
Glòria Rubert Adelantado, vice-dean for Coordination and Teaching Innovation
Marta Panadés Guerrero, vice-dean for International Relations
Carme Ribas Marí, academic secretary

Faculty of Philology and Communication
Joan Burguera, vice-dean for Teaching Staff and Communication
Ana Moya, vice-dean for Academic Policy
Josep Solervicens, vice-dean for Research, International Relations and Doctoral Studies
Meritxell Blasco, vice-dean for Quality and Transfer
Eva Martínez, academic secretary

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