EpiDisease spin-off receives 1.9 million to develop sepsis diagnostic and prognostic tool

The EpiDisease team with its director, Jose Luis García Giménez (second right)The EpiDisease team with its director, Jose Luis García Giménez (second right)
The company EpiDisease, spin-off of the University of Valencia has received 1.9 million euros for the development of its IVD test HISTSHOCK aimed at improving the diagnosis and prognosis of sepsis and septic shock, serious medical conditions caused by a fulminant immune response to an infection. The funding comes from the Next Generation EU funds, provided by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Sepsis claims the lives of more than 11 million people worldwide each year. The possibility of having a test that allows to classify patients instantly and to reliably predict the severity of the septic process facilitates the implementation of a personalised therapy for each affected person.

IVD HISTSHOCK, the EpiDisease tool that just received a funding of 1.9 million euros for its development, is the first molecular test with diagnostic and prognostic capability -provides personalised information on the likely development of the diseasefor the preventing decision making in the disease management. Its use should help reduce mortality rates, improve long-term results for the patients and efficiently use the limited sanitary resources, according to the responsibles of this spin-off of the University of Valencia, the Biomedical research Institute INCLIVA and the Centro de Investigación Biomédica (CIBER), located in the Science Park of the academic institution.

The funding action is part of the CDTI and EU support to Horizon Europe Seal of Excellence SMEs through the Next Generation EU funds. In this case, the funds will be used for the execution of a multicentre international clinical trial involving hospitals in Spain, Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands; the preparation of the dossier for the approval of HISTSHOCK as an in vitro diagnostic product with CE-IVD marking; and the commercial launch of the new tool.