Envisaged scenario for the third term regarding face-to-face teaching

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Statement issued by the management of Pompeu Fabra University. 23 March 2021

The instability of the epidemiological situation will not allow us to start the third term, on April 12, fully deploying the blended teaching plan envisaged for the 2020-2021 academic year.

However, and always in compliance with PROCICAT instructions, UPF will gradually activate face-to-face activities during the term, starting with the first years of undergraduate and master’s degree studies and ensuring that all students have face-to-face activities before term end.

Each centre will establish its own plan, in accordance with these common recommendations, of which it will inform its students via the usual channels.
The staggered activation of face-to-face activities will not affect internships in technical areas, the hospital area and laboratories, which will continue to function as they have until now.

Also, the online help desk is maintained, which is designed to provide the necessary support for cases where it is not possible to follow face-to-face activities, whether due to illness or difficulties in student mobility, including international students that have not travelled, and measures will be taken in cases of teaching staff affected by any of the above situations.

In this phase of the pandemic, we wish to remind you of the extraordinary importance of continuing to pay the utmost attention both to personal protection measures -face masks worn properly at all times, hand cleaning, interpersonal distance- and the signs and signalling on UPF premises to facilitate moving around the campuses.

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