Enjoy the UB Science Fest

This year, the UB Science Fest brings a wide range of playful activities to share the research of the university with all publics. For the first time, the Science Fest will last for two days. There will be workshops for school groups on Friday, May 27, and the activities aimed at families and everyone in general will be available on Saturday 28 in the Historical Building of the UB, the headquarters of this event. There will be a total of fifty activities, dynamized by researchers who will leave their working spaces to explain what their task is about in a fun and understandable way.

These workshops have been designed to enjoy the research very closely with the senses. There will be activities in which people will use their eyes, others where they will touch something and others where people will use their sense of smell. Regarding the themes, the activities will include all kinds of knowledge fields: urbanism, archaeology, microbiology, ecology, botany, quantum physics, virtual reality, chemistry, biomedicine, earth sciences, zoology, nutrition, pharmacology, psychology, neurosciences, phonetics, anthropology, and others.

The Science Fest has kept some online activities from the two last editions, which were held on a virtual format due to the pandemic. In particular, there will be live connections on the @ubdivulga Instagram account for those people who cannot visit the Historical Building and to encourage those who are thinking whether to come.

The Science Fest is organized by La UB Divulga and counts on the support from the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT). It counts on more than two-hundred researchers and volunteers, mainly UB students and AdSS.