Election to renew the representatives of TRS and AdSS in the University Senate

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The teaching and research staff (TRS) and the administrative and services staff (AdSS) are called to the election to renew their representatives in the University Senate via e-voting. Both collectives can vote from Wednesday, May 11 at 10:00 a.m. to Thursday, May 12, at 10:00 a.m.

The definite candidates for the elections have been proclaimed, and the electoral campaign, which ends tomorrow, May 10, has been carried out these days.

151 TRS members and 30 AdSS members will be elected as representatives in the Senate. In the FAQ section of the election website, you’ll find information on the technical requirements to vote. There is also an informative video on how to vote and the safety measures to make this electoral process totally safe.

In accordance to the article 56 of the Statute of the UB, the representatives of the TRS and AdSS are renewed every four years (unlike student representatives, which change every two years). Regarding the constituencies, according to the General Election Regulation of the University of Barcelona, for the TRS, there is one constituency per faculty, and for AdSS, there is one electoral constituency only.

On the same election day, the TRS and AdSS representatives to the faculty boards of the faculties of Information and Audiovisual Media and Psychology will be elected, as well as the student representatives in the study councils and the faculty boards that did not take the places in the elections of May 2021.

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